Creating functional, engaging and responsive websites

I’m a Danish front-end developer and entrepreneur who strives to create functional, engaging and responsive websites.

My story

I started making websites in 2008 and I’m basically self-taught. In 2010 I began taking a communications degree at Aalborg University in Denmark, but after two semesters I realized that making websites, which was mainly a hobby at the time, was my real passion. I dropped out of university and proceeded to take an AP degree in Multimedia Design & Communication.

At the end of my degree I got a six month internship at a full-service advertising agency in Aarhus called Openminded where I was later offered a full-time job as a front-end developer which I accepted without hesitation.

My goal

The web is an ever expanding canvas and the need for an online profile is greater than ever. If I can help my clients solve their problems and help them succeed online, while at the same time getting an opportunity to expand this canvas even further, then count me in!

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